A Little Channelled Message from AA Raphael


Archangel Raphael

My name means “God Heals” and so it is. As you call on me or focus on my symbol, the healing that you require will come to you unfiltered, and without restriction.

It is my highest purpose to heal every situation, person and place to the highest vision and purpose of joy. All that is was created for the soul purpose of realizing the perfection of God within. Any situation that arises out of fear, or dis-ease that manifests in the body, or dis-chord that appears in the world is showing up to remind you to reconnect with the whole-ness, divinity, purity and love that you have as an infinite source within.

As you connect with me and meditate on my sigil, allow my healing presence to flow through all of your chakras bringing into harmony and balance anything that is out of alignment with your divine well-being.

As you reflect on any situation that is troubling you, imagine handing it over to me. Watch your worries be carried on the flame of healing to heaven. Allow a knowing in your heart that all is well. Feel the power of the divine working in the highest favour of your blessing.  Believe that all that is unfolding is for the ultimate purpose of reconnecting you to the God/Creator/Source that is within you.

Healing is always available to you. You are a powerful co-creator of your reality in which all that you truly desire comes to you easily and gracefully. However, sometimes you may wish to experience contrast as a way of growing or evolving. Always seek the gift or blessing in the moment. It is when you bless your experience, you release yourself from it.

I am with you always. I love you and wish to see you aligned with all that is your heart’s desire. I am Archangel Raphael.

~ Through Jenn Gillies

Note: Artwork is an orginal copyrighted channelled piece through Blanca Maldonado more can be found at LightBodyActivation the text is original and copyrighted by Jenn Gillies

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