Awesome Testimonial on a Reading I offered


I re-opened my Etsy shop for readings a few days ago. It had been closed since September for a number of personal reasons, namely, I was burnt out. But as the energies shift and change I was pushed by the angels to open the shop again.

I fretted over whether this was the right thing to do for me, for the family, etc. I am in the middle of finishing up a book detailing our adventures as a family in pet sitting. It needs some polishing and final touches before it goes of into the magic world of literary agents.

So, feeling a bit vulnerable already, I wasn’t sure about anything. Imagine my reaction when the day after opening my shop, I received the following email from a former client. She later stated she had not known that I had even closed my shop… nor re-opened it. I’ll take that as a wink from the universe that this is where I need to be right now… and what I need to be doing for whatever reason.

I had done a “Message from your Spirit Guide Reading” in August of last year…

 Jennifer. You probably don’t remember doing this reading for me. But I wanted to give you some validation.  The message said they wished they could prepare me for what is coming.   Less than two months after this reading, my husband had a brain aneurysm.  During surgery he had a stroke. He is still recovering.  Maybe he always will be.

So I keep this note and look at it on my down days.  It reminds me that all is well. Thanks so much.  Anna
I cried as I read that. So often the reading is done and I have no idea how it impacted on the person, or whether they resonated. To hear that someone is taking comfort in a message almost a year later. It is as she suggested validating, but it is something more.
It serves as a confirmation of the eternally connected divine.
It is a blessing to have a gift that can help in even the smallest way to heal humanity… one heart at a time.
If  you are interested in ordering a reading, please checkout what’s on offer at
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