Open Letter to those that are Fighting…



Open letter to those that need to hear this… those that are fighting, and are battle weary:

Just a little message to say I have been thinking about you a lot. This life, and all that is happening cant be easy to watch unfold. I really really just want to have people over … and just to sit and have a chat… to see that we are not the enemy. But I also wanted to share with you a little message that has been on my heart the last few days. I offer it with the sincerity that those of you that know me have come to feel from me…

I AM SORRY… I am sorry because I know how hard and for how long you have fought this hard and some days seemingly impossible fight. You have beat upon the chest of the corrupt. You have knocked down the doors of the mentally imprisoned… setting them free. You have been the warriors of legends. The prophecies and mythologies spoke of those that would rise up, and you have. You are war wounded and battle weary. You have sacrificed so much to do all of this. Some of you have turned on family or friends. You have given up so much of your personal time… to do what you felt compelled and moved to do. You have invested so much of your life into making the world one free from those that would enslave. All the truth that has come out has been because of you and those that would be you. I see you. I see your pain. I see your fear (though there is a mask of strength and bravery covering this so well.). I see your desperation to make the world change before it is to late. I see that you want more than anything a safe place for your children, your brothers and sisters to live, play and be… free. I understand the fear of that being taken from you. I understand that your immediate reaction has to be what it is. But what if you sat down and talked to me? I am a mother… I am a sister… I am a wife. I am a daughter. I am not even trying to be anything other than that… I want to hold you in my arms and let you feel how truly sorry I am. This has been so hard. But my darlings… self-destruction is not the answer… the enemy is not me… hold my hand and you will see.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME… forgive me please… for not being able to take the fear, pain and hurt away. I am after all only a human… a mother… a lover and a friend. I cant fight. I am a healer. I am a hugger. I cannot fight you. I cannot fight “them” for that is what they want. They want us to expend all of our energy dividing and destroying ourselves so there is less of US for them to fight. Can you not see this? Forgive me for not being able to fight you… you see… I/WE DO forgive, because we understand…. we understand that you are doing the very best you can with absolutely everything you have. How can you just let it go? You cant. I also understand that you have to do what you have to do until what you have to do changes. If my hug could make it all better… I would take it all away. Those in positions of power that have abused all of us for too long, have done so because they could… but equally, because no one held them in accountability. They have forgotten who they are as humans.

THANK YOU… palms pressed firmly together. I bow to you. You have shown me a greater version of myself. I had yet to meet. I love her. You have introduced me to some of the most amazing and fearless humans I have ever met. You have shown me that there is so much good in this world that has yet to be done. You have shown me that collectively we can (and in my invitation, opinion and vision) and WILL create something amazing for those that follow behind us. Thank you for being my brother… my sister. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for coming to earth at this time… to share a moment… a brief glimpse into the eternities… with me. I am humbled. Thank you for shining your light the best you can. I see you.


I LOVE YOU! I do… allow yourself to know that… feel that… I have nothing to offer other than my open heart… and my open arms…

I love you… and we are in this… on a small blue dot floating through the universe… together.

Hold my hand…

May we all begin to… LET LOVE LEAD 


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