About Jenn

Healing the world one heart at a time…

Jennifer is passionate about healing and believes that this can be done as we connect with who we are beyond the world’s conditioning of who we should be.

In 2006 after an awakening experience, Jennifer began doing readings for friends and family. In 2011, challenged by one of these friends, she started doing readings for strangers as well. This received very positive feedback with many reporting the readings really helped bring clarity to their lives.

Earlier this year, Jennifer was again encouraged by a friend to take her readings to a wider audience and here we are.

Jennifer has also published a book chronicling her journey of awakening as a family Fumbling Through the Light which also discusses in more detail her gift and the story around how the readings came about. She has also published two small books of angel messages for kids, though they are great for adults too. These can all be found on Amazon or http://www.fumblingthroughthelight.blogspot.co.uk/.



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